Antique illustration of the Lungs and Trachea

The individual voice.
A profoundly original composition.

A performance played out by the plexus of musculature and space.

Private singing lessons & group classes in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Supported by interpersonal connection and safety.

Antique illustration of the Lungs and Trachea
Antique anatomy illustration of the muscles of the human pharynx


The compelling nature of expressing one's true self is invaluable to Blake, whether that be through song and storytelling, or just being heard, finding self-worth and value in oneself.

This is the number one goal in Blake's vocal lessons, and it is achieved through growing one's skill set, nurturing one's talent and building one's confidence.

It's about personal growth; it's more than just singing better, but being better too.

Anatomy of a lesson


The performing voice is an extension of the speaking voice. We will discuss habits and together construct a new approach to the overall outlook of your instrument.


Nutrition and hydration play a critcial role in the vitality and resilience of vocal production; guidelines and general rule-of-thumb ideas will be reviewed.


Voice physiology is the driver for repetitive high-quality performance and longevity. Preparing for an upcoming stage role relies on the understanding of what your body requires and how to keep it operating safely and securely.


Songs are stories and you are the story-teller. Deciphering song content and deriving meaning is a skill. Together we will find the deeper reasons behind what and why we sing, as this is the cornerstone to great performances!


Previous tuition and medical limitations will be included in consideration of lesson structures. Confidentiality, integrity and mutual respect are the foundation of these sessions.

Private vocal lessons

Private lessons are tailored to the individual student and their voice, so they are recommended for students with long-term goals, or those who have specific techniques to develop or repertoire to work on.

Lesson availability

Private lessons run for one hour between 10am to 6pm, every day, subject to availability. Regular students are encouraged to choose a consistent time slot.

Your investment


per class


Five weeks


Ten weeks

Group singing classes

Group classes are well suited to students looking to learn basic technique, improve their voice and to perform with other like minded singers. They are an affordable choice to use and develop your voice.

Class availability

Classes run from 7pm - 8pm on

Tuesday and Thursday.

Your investment


per class


Subscribe and

per class, billed at $180 every 4 weeks

Student responsibilities


Early is on time! Mutual understanding of punctuality is expected and appreciated.


Late notice cancellations within 24 hours will incur a forfeited session fee.


Rescheduling is always welcome, given it’s outside the late-notice period.


Repertoire is not expected to be memorised (unless preparing for an audition or role), however familiarisation and understanding of the structure and context will serve your progress well.

Located in Surry Hills

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Hear the benefits from a voice like your own

Learning under Blake’s expert tutelage has been immensely enjoyable and informative. His knowledgeable and personable teaching style have helped me, a nervous absolute beginner, on my King’s Speech-esque singing journey.

William Thompson, Aspiring Artist

Blake is certainly the most competent singing teacher I’ve ever had. He is highly technically competent and well-trained, an outstanding performer in his own right, and a brilliant communicator. He adapts his teaching to each student’s voice, needs, and comfort levels, with a holistic perspective of our external lives. He is infinitely kind and patient, but doesn’t hesitate to correct or increase difficulty/challenge.

As a transgender student, he has been receptive to the very particular physiological struggles, and in line with the rest of his pedagogy, is both technically and personally conscious in his communication.

100% blessed by Blake’s teaching.


I spent a lot of time looking for a vocal coach, going through a series of one off lessons. 15 minutes into my first lesson with Blake it was clear he was the right fit for me. With an extensive knowledge on the anatomy of the voice, he allows you to visualise both the sound and the placement. It is truly a unique and effective way of teaching. He accommodated for my visual way of learning through physical and imaginative exercises. I went away from every lesson wanting more. Thanks Blake!

– Rocco

From the first lesson with Blake I have been very happy. Each lesson he challenges me and pushes me to be better with clear and helpful notes on how to achieve the best technique and sound whilst maintaining my vocal health. From methods I had not been shown before, to refining practices I already had in place and in depth ways to control my breath and stamina, he has taught me a lot in the few short months I have been seeing him.

I very much look forward to working with him into the future and continuing to hone the craft. I highly suggest booking an appointment if you’re starting out, or if you feel your practice has plateaued and you want to take it to the next level.

Michael Camilleri (Evita 2018, Moulin Rouge (Paris), Norwegian Cruise Lines)

Blake is a superstar! Not only is he kind and compassionate, but he is an incredible vocal coach! I’ve had years of vocal training but nothing like what Blake has taught. His unique style of teaching is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I would highly recommend Blake.

David Taylor, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist

I came to Blake because my voice was getting tired too easily and I had lost some of my top range, so I wanted to learn how to sing in a healthier way. Blake has done absolute wonders for my voice and has really helped me break bad habits and sing better than I ever have before. I couldn’t recommend him more!


Right from my first singing lesson with Blake, I started to hear my voice in a whole new way. I’ve since become much more attuned to the physical processes that happen during singing. Now I feel more in control of my voice than I ever have. As an actor, this gives me the freedom to make better choices based on character and storytelling.

Tabitha Woo, Theatre Maker/Writer

We went to Blake to prepare my son Liam to audition for high school singing scholarships. Liam loved singing with Blake and in a short time made huge improvements to his technique. He did indeed gain a scholarship,
Thank you Blake!


I came across Blake’s website when I was searching for a new voice teacher and I am so glad that I did! I have a very strong back ground in Musical Theatre and have been taking voice lessons since the age of 8. I am now 28 and have had well over 9 voice teachers throughout my career. Blake is without a doubt the best vocal teacher I have ever had.

Blake explains functionality of the voice coupled with breath in a way I’ve never experienced. He puts two and two together and helps his singers understand what they need to do in order to produce their natural sound.

Blake is incredibly talented. He is an active teacher, always on his feet; in the moment with you. He truly believes in his students and their progress and he is very reliable. He has a large repertoire of music, which keeps lessons fresh and fun. I always leave his studio feeling empowered, more confident, and excited for the next lesson. Blake really loves what he does. It is very apparent that his work is his passion. Being a young teacher, Blake is in tune with the newest trends and science of the voice and breath. He brings refreshingly new techniques that get results quickly!

If you’re comparing voice teachers and not sure who to pick…take it from me, you will not be disappointed with Blake!


Your Vocal Practitioner

Blake Condon is a performer, having trained privately in Melbourne and more recently, NIDA.

He has provided vocals and music for Australian start-ups in education, performed at national sporting events, provided entertainment for national fundraisers, charities and award nights, featured in various short films and regularly performs in venues across Sydney, such as 'The Basement' - Sydney's leading jazz venue.

Blake focusses his profession towards musical theatre, yet seeing that musical theatre spans so many genres, it's not unusual to hear him singing out alongside 'Queen - on vinyl'.

Antique illustration of Blake Condon with piano
Antique illustration of Blake Condon with piano
Antique illustration of Laryngoscopy, showing a doctor looking into a patient's mouth, illuminated by indirect light from a gas lamp

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Singing lessons in Surry Hills, Sydney.